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Have you ever had a great idea for a product? Ever thought, "Wow, this is perfect! Why hasn't this been made before?" or "I should put this up on Kickstarter!"

The Pitch Deck is a game for the everyone to bring out their inner entrepreneur. Players are all given a common list of problems that exist in the world and using cards in their hands must create an effective product to pitch to the masses. This is where your imagination and business sense must shine through!

Let's say the problem that exists in the world today is to make A Security System. Will you pitch A Podcast In Every Household? Maybe something more practical like A Suit of Armor That Can Take Out the Trash or A Fanny Pack That Shoots Lasers? You decide and use your business sense to help your product win over the masses!

Our Print & Play edition comes with 160 cards across the 3 categories of: Problems, Products, and Properties. It also comes with the official rules sheet as well as our list of favorite house rules for some customization!


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